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Bell pepper

This very uniquely shaped chilli pepper has a moderate taste. The green coloured pepper changes colour – to yellow, orange and red.

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Begonia mix

This extremely popular garden plant can be semi-perennial or treated as an annual. The Begonia is a short, compact plant and produces flowers in shades of white, pink or red. Use them in shade to semi-shade – in beds, containers or window boxes or as a beautiful border.

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Cherry tomatoes (red and yellow)

Love the idea of growing your own food? Then grow cherry tomatoes – the easiest plant you will ever grow! This very small variety of tomato (bite-size) grows quickly and ripen early – ideal for the new gardener.

was R39.95 (19cm pot)
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Portulaca (Vygie)

This beautiful low growing ground-cover is very easy to grow – excellent for high heat and drought tolerance. The colours of the brightly coloured flowers range from pink, red, yellow, orange and cream. Although the Portulaca will tolerate most soils, it prefers sandy, well drained soil, and a full sun spot in the garden.

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Capsicum ‘Medusa’ (Ornamental chilli pepper)

This naturally compact and small shrub produces peppers prodigiously. The unique upright growing peppers looks very much like the snakes on Medusa’s head! Each plant can carry over 50 peppers at a time – a beautiful display of cream, orange and red peppers on a single plant!

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Beautiful Gazania's available in assorted colours.

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